Sinn Custom Zanpakuto

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Sinn Custom Zanpakuto

PostPosted by Sinn » Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:23 am

IC Name(Key): Kryu
IC Rank: CC
Roleplay level: 30
IC Age: 27

Zanpakutou Name: Odayakana raitoningu kami: Moki/穏やかなライトニング神:モキ [Gentle Lightning God: Moki]

Zanpakutou Call: Raise your head

Bankai Name: Gekido raitoningu kami: Moki/激怒ライトニング神:モキ [Furious Lightning God: Moki]

Zanpakutou Type: Lightning

Zanpakutou Seal: In it's seal state 'Moki' appears like an ordinary katana with black laced hilt and a dark red sheath.
Shikai Abilities

Ability 1 Lightning Shield - When activated, Odayakana raitoningu kami: Moki, mutates from a simple sized katana to enourmous blade. During this transformation Sinn's skin becomes outlined by a blue aura formed by an accumulation of reitsu from the surrounding environment. As it comes to a stop the aura fades away as an electrical current begins to emit a fixed pulse around his body. As the accumulated reitsu becomes infuesed with Sinn's exterior skin his over reflexes and speed is greatly increase to extent where he appears to be teleporting. While manipulating the perimeters of the shields structor Sinn is also able to extend various strands of electrical currents/bolts at a target at the cost of shield thickness. Anything struct by the electrical current-rod is rendered stunned, servery burned, and dead. [Depending on the intended intensity]

The skill does however drains one's Reiatsu over time and after extended use does inflict external wounds around the body (gashes).

Ability 2 Lightning Sword - When release the Zanpakutou takes on it's natural Shikai form, while focusing and concentrating his energy, electric-magnetic field is generated around the huge blade. At this state Sinn's zanpakutou is able to generate and extend instant electrical bolts from his blade. If struck the target are severally electrocute, and fried to crisp. With great mastery Sinn is able to project several (28) piercing lighting bolts at a moment's notice without alarm.
Ability 3 Lighting God's Will - When the user of the shikai is under stressful conditions the "Lightning Sword" and "Lightning Shield" merge together and creates deadly weapon. The users speed and reflex are greatly increased. [On rare conditions this Ability is activated. Once activated the user is left completely unconscious and commonly find themselve in mild burn scars. ]

Shikai Qualities: In shikai mode, Odayakana raitoningu kami: Moki takes on the form of a sharp Katana with a sky blue current pulsating around the blade and sometimes the user.
Bankai Abilities

Ability 1 - Undiscovered
Ability 2 - Undiscovered
Ability 3 - Undiscovered [Rare move]

Bankai Qualities: [Unknown]
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Re: Sinn Custom Zanpakuto

PostPosted by Dazzer » Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:11 pm


Ability two: No istant bolts, not burnt to a crisp. 10 instead of 28.

Ability 3 denied.
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