Kazuma Shinmyoujin Custom Zanpakuto

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Kazuma Shinmyoujin Custom Zanpakuto

PostPosted by Kazuma » Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:28 am

IC Name(Key): Kazuma Shinmyoujin(Tyson1)

IC Rank: Untrained Shinigami

Roleplay level: 1

IC Age: 718(Spiritually) 25(Physically)

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Spirit:

Kazuma's own Zanpakuto spirit is suprisingly not composed of a single entity of sorts residing within Kazuma's heart, mind and soul, but in actuality two beings/entities at once. Their appearances could be described as two twin young looking girls who wear combat related clothes, while being clad in knightly protective armor all over their upper body up until reaching downwards to their waist area. They carry around with them each, a single great defensive shield as well as a typical broadsword of the medieval era for your average run off the mill knight. One of the youthful appearance having female knight warriors possesses jet black quite the long silky hair with very dark blue streaks running along certain areas of her entire hair. Her eye color is a standard light blue so to say, her height as well as posture being the exact same as her other twin half. Bearing a personality that is surely calm, collected, keeping cool at all times, gallant as well as calculatively intelligent, this female knight represents only half of one could say what makes up Kazuma's entire rather towards bipolar leaning of characteristics and personality. The other half of...let's say the embodiment of Kazuma's personality and the adjectives that cater to it, is what the second female knight carried along with her as her own existence. She is rather quite different in that she happenes to be rash in acting and doing things her own way, as well as being quite impulsive, excitedly happy-go-lucky with a bit of unusual aggressiveness on the side if one would try to get to know her better other than Kazuma and find out her objectives, additionally also the way she behaves. Both of them harmonize, synchronize as well as get along with Kazuma overall in every single little moment including other situations, when it comes to scenarios outside of combat while training or also while being on the battlefield. It is no wonder if one were to find out, that Kazuma could be called someone who has truely "mastered" the bonds, relationship as well as teamwork with his own Zanpakuto over several centuries having passed by, having left him enough time in the world and effort to get where he is now; to have achieved flawless harmony with his own sentient blades.

Spirit World:

Kazu's own unique world where both of his Zanpakuto spirits reside, is composed of a neverending sight and status of nighttime in terms of illumination as well as daytime. A total of three moons, each one of them further or nearer away from one another, having been placed in differing locations and distances from each other, give the effect and display of nearing the spirit world's "dimension" or "planet" so to say at different set times. All three moons are completely varying in terms of color/hue. The outer areas and edges of the spirit world is composed of purely hundred percent sahara-esque desert sand. The inner center fields and areas are composed of dozens upon endless of traditional appearing temples, shrines, mixed with modern buildings, skyscrapers and futuristic houses and what not. Going by this specific description, it is as if the timeline/era or whatever one wishes to call it that reigned inside of his spirit world surely contradicted itself, being quite as bipolar as Kazuma's own being himself, in certain things regarding the entire structure of the field of view overall. A single gigantic several floor and stories tall royal palace or castle if you will, which looked like the ones in old passed by medieval times where officially Kings and Queens ruled their homeland. Inside of it reside both of the zanpakuto spirits that were mentioned and described before above, always ready to greet their master or fight together with him whenever they have to...Or their "Overlord" as the both of them love to mention oh so many times whenever all three meet.

Disguised Form:

Kazuma's zanpakuto has a unique state in which it seals itself as well as stays most of the time in it's "disguised form", to which it takes on the figure of a certain object fitting for carrying around the users body at all times. This object is a golden colored medium sized cane, that Kazuma carries around with him at the right side of his waist, attached to his obi sash. It is decorated at the very top instead of the cane's handle, with a silverly hued chinese dragon's head that is crafted so that it appears as if it has it's mouth open with tongue sticking out at all times.

Shikai Name:

Ama Meian no Taikouhi (Grand Duchess of the heavenly light and darkness)

Shikai Call:

"Bring forth eternal destruction and chaos upon all creation and existence, Ama Meian no Taikouhi!"

Sealed Form Appearance:

In it's normally sealed state, Kazuma carries behind his back in a cross "X" letter shaped form placement two Zanpakuto blades, especially fitted for his dual wielded fighter style. They both possess the exact same outer appearance for an entire scabbard and both are nodachi based and sized blades with a total length including the grip of accurately six feet. The japanese-esque curved scabbard has an overall dark purple ish to light violet mixture of a color to it and is decorated towards the ending point part of it's shape with silver colored dragon body scales. The tsuba wheel of both nodachis have two tiny long dragon bodies with their clawed leg and arm limbs showing branded on them, shown alongside and above two parallel wheel holes on each tsuba. The handle wrap of the dual wielder blades are completely black, desgined with basic flower like ornaments.

Shikai Appearance:

After the Zanpakutos transform into their shikai state, the nodachi blades grow an extra blade right parallel next to the first one, automaticly letting the tsuba wheel grow in size to hold both blades together. Ama Meian no Taikouhi's blade length grows even more now from it's already should be enough size when it was in it's sealed stature, growing up to a huge six feet seven inches exactly. Aside from these firstly described qualities as well as appearance, the entire style as well as form of Taikouhi does not undergo too much of a drastic change, such as for example turning into a completely different weapon or anything like that. Taikouhi's tsuba guards changes their forms into a more attached together to the sword handle, additionally forward northly facing positioned, mouth opened wide, red eyed white colored chinese dragon's head, it's scales on it's head limb as well as it's whiskers being clearly noticeable. The bottom caps are replaced by two standard normal ones, to a non sharp and non dangerous to touch being single dragon hand's set of four claws. A long enough to be held and wrapped around proper with a single hand of several rows of small sized chains are now attached to the Kashira (buttcap) of the Zanpakutos. The nodachi's handle wraps in this form undergo a color change of a purely white design, black flame resembling patterns stretching along it's entirety. This time around, the cause of Kazuma wielding dual swords with dual blades in each sword, he has given the Shikai form's outer look itself the name "Sourenbatou"...or in english if you will "Twin Chain Blade Swords" as to which is quite perfectly fitting the way it should be. The blades one could say, are a special case as well as different from other ones in the sense that they inflict wounds and damage a little differently or intensely. The whole idea behind the blades being a Sourenbatou is that even if the cuts inflicted to the opponent in the end won't kill them, two cuts are made at the same time so close together to one another, resulting in them unable to be stitched back together or healed up properly as quickly as compared to a single blade causing the wound. Therefore the victim has the chance of dieing by blood loss far easier than when having to deal with a single bladed Zanpakuto. While and as long as Ama Meian no Taikouhi is constantly activated, jet black as well as white shaded flowing throughout the blades flames will appear, made out of sheer reishi. The flames also arise from the very end positioned tip of the nodachis upwards into the empty air endlessly. It should be noted though that only the right blade emits out dark flames, while only the left blade emanates white flames. Though this of course does not cost any reiryoku usage for Kazuma, neither drains him of any spiritual energy pool. It is simply there for special effects as well as basicly an extra outer appearance feature of the Zanpakuto's shikai state.

Custom Passive Ability 1 (Intoku no Kiri/Fog of Concealment):

Upon an instant after the initiation of Shikai release, an entire range of a large field is filled with magical thick unmovable, indestructible as well as uneffected by any kind of attempts of blasting it away of a greyish fog. It's reaching outwards field can be measured up to exactly one hundred metres in real life terms, which is around hundred ten yards approximately. Inside this fog, the only one who is able to see through as well as detect everyone in their vicinity is just the user themselves. Every sign or signal of Kazuma vanishes inside the fog, unless Kazuma were to decide to actually step out of the fog field or is forced to be pushed outside of it. Though seeing as the field of fog is somehow sort of one could call it "imperfectly created", the users own spiritual energy, aura as well as entire essence of their existence can be felt by experienced enough other spiritually aware beings. It all in the end comes down to if in the foggy battlefield, Kazuma's opponents will be able to pinpoint his exact location as well as send an attack to that exact location or not. His naked eye as well as field of vision can see through the fog like a thermal imaging camera, except that his vision is not limited to displaying or rather seeing everything in monochromatic pseudo-color images, neither is he limited to a single color channel of eye vision, unlike imperfect human esque camera creations. What is meant by this is, that for Kazuma it is as if the fog is simply not there and non-existant. While in Shikai form his Zanpakuto additionally also enables him to perform into a speedier and faster manner every single thing. From heighted quicker senses, to faster overall reflexes, quicker body movements, higher unarmed as well as Zanpakuto striking speed to better traveling as well as shunpo executing ability.

Custom Passive Ability 2 (Kage Nenriki Ido/Shadow Teleportation):

Even if Kazuma were to step out of the field of fog, there is a certain ability of his that allows him and gives him way to teleporting around the entire battlefield, as a sort of enemy suprise and catching off guard device. This exact skill to be able to teleport around works as follows: Kazuma allows his own self to be turned into the same spiritual substance of sorts as the fog, although his entire body turns into shadow-esque dark matter like stuff instead very quickly. Dropping and vanishing downwards into his own shadow he sees the world around him as if he were to swim underwater in a sea, all the individuals on normal ground above him...yet much more clearly and non blurred, sort of entering his own created small pocket dimension. Whichever spot he wishes to reappear himself to, Kazuma once more comes out of his own shadow but not anyone elses, whose trail of shadow can be tracked down if one has good enough quick noticing eyes and reflexes, and upon reforming himself from a shadowy figure to his normal bodily state he may decide to if it works, suprise attack the enemy from behind if he gets lucky.

Custom Special Ability (Hisan'na Musou/Harrowing Reverie) :

An unique technique that belongs and is executed by Kazuma's shikai form dual wield blades. It has a certain motif and theme attached to it which revolves around chinese dragons without any limbs. The right zanpakuto blade which oozes and eminates dark flames is swung or pointed forward, causing a large sized in terms of width about around double or triple that of Kazuma's own height of a dragon to be materialized and summoned into the visible surface. This dragon will be hurled and thrown right straight forward at quick prompt speeds, as Kaz is able to control the directional movement as well as also which target to hit by swinging and slashing his Zanpakuto around correctly. This exact jet black colored with dark purple hued outlines of a dragon cannot literally so to say "co-exist" or "co-operate" with another dragon that is shot from the left blade with oozing white flames, for even if they belong to the same attack overall to begin with, they both have a completely different inflicted effect upon the opponent. Once the primary mentioned first half of the attack in the form of a dragon hits the desired target, the dragon will quite literally "stab" and phase through the enemy, instantly paralyzing them for a random given amount of time in either seconds or even a minute or two, depending on how big of a difference between Kazuma and his opponent's spiritual power and pressure there is. Not only that, but at the moment of paralyzation, the extended dragon will absorb or "suck in" so to say a small amount of spiritual energy from the acquired target in order to add said spiritual energy amount to Kazuma's own spiritual energy pool. Although with this tactic and attack, it is impossible to drain the opponent no matter how weak they are of their entire reiryoku in a matter of a couple or few hits. It does require several contacted successfully done attacks at once indeed for the special ability to prove useful. The white with spiritual energy of a flaming dragon that is released from his left blade it quite a bit different in it's entire overall use if one were to describe it so. Unlike the black dragon, the white one once shot with speedy velocity forward, shortly before hitting the target standing in it's way, will turn...or rather it's head limb will change into a reverse geometric cone shaped of a bursting outwards esque charging away kind of an attack that upon contact with the opponent's body will cause them to be burned severely. From having high degree burns to even the entire body going up in flames, it is quite the dangerous technique to deal and to be reckoned with. But that isn't all that the second "movement" of this ability can do, for there is an another condition the enemy must deal with upon the skill hitting them point blank. Upon charging forward the white flamed dragon, the very brightly shining flash of blinding light that the dragon causes around it's body will bring the target to become blind in terms of vision and all for a certain short amount of time, causing them to get distracted in a fight easily, quite a handy status effect.

Bankai Name:

Hakkyou Ranmyaku Ten'nyo no Amatsu Hitsugi (Celestial Maiden of Chaotic Madness' Imperial Throne)

Bankai Appearance:

In it's own final release form, Kazuma's dual wielding Sourenbatou's under go such a drastic change in the sense of outer appearance as well as it's own type of Zanpakuto transforming into something more different for once. Fact is that Ten'nyo (his Zanpakuto's bearing name in Bankai as mentioned above) changes around to a huge broad widthed buster sword, this time with a single blade attached to the Zanpakuto obviously. Towards past the middle part of the blade itself and around up until the end tip of the blade's reaching point, the buster sword is curved upwards slightly diagonally, instead of your typically expected large completely straight shaped oversized kitchen knife. The now non katana like long lengthed thin cylinder shaped black colored soft grip of his buster sword seems to be made entirely in it's inner side from carbon steel material, and has a thicker flat circle shaped pommel at the end. From the pommel grows out once more a long row of chains, but this time the size as well as thickness of the chains are larger and bigger. The buster blade's grip is so long that it's far more than enough for a single one of them to be used as a Zweihänder typed (two handed) one. It is a double-edged sword, and it's cutting edges can be described as having been "crafted" literally to look as if the very surfaces point down as well as up diagonally, as if the upper and under blade surfaces cutting edges have been connected together. Along one single side of a surface of the buster blade and happening to be found on both dual wielded Zanpakutos, there are inscribed and branded onto it quite easily noticeable and seeable but unreadable surely the very anciently fashioned letters that resemble rather more runic gylphs from long forgotten times. They are importantly related to a special attack that can be executed in Kazuma's bankai form.

Custom Bankai Ability 1 (Meifu no Kagitsume/Claws of the Netherworld):

Placing both Zanpakuto blades in bankai form by crossing them together on top of each other infront of his upper body in a cross like shape, he lets with a single thought of his mind turn the blades altogether with the entire buster swords itself into nothingness. In their place appear two small pocket dimension portals right infront of Kazuma's hands, his right and left hand glowing with a surging through grey spiritual aura respectively. By using swift wiping or swinging around fists movements of his hands, he summons from the two portals five extendable long arm limbs composed of purely spiritual energy. The arms have deadly sharp claws attached to them, and it is possible for the claws to be chosen to either slash at the enemy, doing and harming cutting as well as slashing wounds and damage to them. The second option is to bind the enemy with either five clawed arms or ten at once with two portals, strangeling or wrapping themselves surroundedly the desired targets body, in an attempt of crushing their bones slowly and painfully. By being binded from Kazu's own attack, the extendable arms are also able to suck out once again just like the previously mentioned shikai ability, a small pool of spiritual energy from the opposing being, making it even harder for them to escape the bind by the very seconds passing by.

Custom Bankai Ability 2 (Tenpa Jousai Genmu/Heaven Destructing Earth Breaking Phantasm):

Upon activating his own bankai form itself to begin with, an entire area of two hundred metres (that is around 220 yards) is covered and shrouded this time, just like the very first special ability of Kazuma's shikai. But instead of it being made of fog-esque substance, it seems to look appearance wise as if it is being held together and up by dark matter or shadow-like spiritual particles (Reishi). Anyone at the time the bankai is activated that is caught inside the square shaped powerfully strong barrier, has almost no chance to be getting out of it, until Kazuma's bankai form deactivates completely or once he runs out of spiritual energy to sustain it. As long as one does not possess enough amounts of high spiritual pressure or reiryoku, they cannot leave nor get inside the barrier, as well as Kaz making it unable for it to be broken or shattered in any way. Inside this barrier, three senses out of the five that makes up as to what senses overall a living or dead soul like being owns, are disabled completely unlike it's "incomplete/imperfect" predecessor of a Shikai fog field. These three senses that are effected are seeing, hearing as well as lastly the sense of touch/feeling. Exactly this certain special effect that comes into activation is what makes Kazuma's own bankai form so formidable and beastly in a serious battlefield combat. Besides the barrier and the affected sense though, the proper official description of the final last resort attack that Kazuma can execute wil be described from now onwards. By stabbing both of his rather quite the large busterswords onto the ground harshly, a long by a given certain amount of several seconds up to one minute, the ancient glyph runic resembling letters on the surface of both blades will begin to glow a bright crimson red, glowing further until all the letters are illuminated like a gauge meter filling up. Once this concentrated and focused of a ritual is said and done, Kazu must leave the blades stabbed down on the ground itself, while a gigantic vastly sized of a grey hued body having chinese dragon with arm limbs will appear pushing and throwing itself upwards from the ground. Charging up infront of it's large sharp fang teethed mouth a big ball of pure spiritual energy which is taken from Kaz's own reiryoku pool, the dragon will shoot a last resort final attack kind of a long widthed and large ranged wave of purely tremendous force packing energy that will destroy anything everything in it's path, leaving nothing behind from the enemy that encountered Kaz to begin with, turning them into crisp dust if Kazu's lucky enough. This energy wave is very similiar and on the same wavelength of power of what could be called the Arrancar's Gran Rey Cero, in both range and destructive power. This final attack that Kazuma unleashes causes his own bankai form to revert back to it's sealed state immediately after usage, for it drains ultimately all the reiryoku pool that Kazu has, and cannot be activated at all again for another 24 hours total.

Development logs:


Shunpo +1
Agility +1
Reaction Time +1
Sword Speed +1
Sword Power +1

Shunpo +2
Agility +2
Reaction Time +2
Sword Speed +2
Sword Power +2
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Re: Kazuma Shinmyoujin Custom Zanpakuto

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Needs some sort of limits set on it.
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