[Kanji Yang] Custom Fullbringer

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[Kanji Yang] Custom Fullbringer

PostPosted by jetray78 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:36 pm

IC Name(Key): Kanji Yang (Jetray78)
IC Rank: Untrained Fullbringer
Roleplay level: 1
IC Age: 18

Development logs:

Perk description:

First Release: Stab, Kakushiken'oninotsume The pre-form are golden-black fiber gloves with small blades hidden within it’s secret compartments. When Kanji activates his fullbring, his hands are coated with several small golden-black blades that wrap around his fingers. When hand to hand attacks are delivered, blunt force is exchanged for sharp damage. So Kanji's attacks are similar to shinigami zanpaktou when sealed, and can clash like one too.

Second Release: Silence, Kakushiken'oninotsume: In this form, Kanji’s body is covered with what appears to be golden-black reiatsu, which produces small dark blades that form over his hands. Kanji’s second release ability is to take on the appearance of his environment at will. It is so thorough at hiding his presence, it can even conceal his spirit energy from the acutest senses. In most applications, Kanji can sneak up on his target with deadly silence and stealth. Once in close proximity, he can deliver a fatal blow or subdue his target. Also, the blades formed over his fingers can be shot like bullets and return to him. The first release ability is also carried along with this.

Third Release: Eliminate, Kakushiken'oninotsume: In this form, Kanji slams his fist together and a thick flat solid light weight golden black armor covers his entire body. His arms are covered with tiny blades that make “X” signs throughout the armor. At the back of his armor, tiny blades form a giant “X” along his back. His head is covered with a golden-black helmet with eye area only opened. All previous release abilities are added along this. With this form, Kanji’s speed is enhanced and the power behind his attacks.


First form & Second;
Agility + 2
Strike Speed +2
Strike Power +1

Third form;
Agility + 4
Strike Speed +3
Strike Power +3
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Re: [Kanji Yang] Custom Fullbringer

PostPosted by Dazzer » Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:22 am

First release approved.

Second release approved apart from the ' Once in close proximity, he can deliver a fatal blow or subdue his target.' no fatal blow and can't move whilst hiding. Furthermore the bullets do not return to you, once shot they are gone for the remainder of the fight.

Third release will be revised when needed.
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