Daiki Shakaku Custom Fullbring

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Daiki Shakaku Custom Fullbring

PostPosted by Dazzer » Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:53 am

IC Name(Key): Daiki Shakaku(Dazzer)
IC Rank: Untrained Fullbringer
Roleplay Level: 1
IC Age: 18

First Form: In this first form of the fullbring that appears to be a pair of black, synthetic gloves, user would have ability to generate and discharge electricity through conductive media. The amount of electricity discharged is at sufficiently high amounts to kill a regular human. Beings with rather higher endurance would obviously not fall down so easily, that ofcourse depends on RP level difference.

Second Form: The form of the fullbring changes in its second level, appearing to be a clad-type as the user would had an blue cloack of reishi surrounding his body, the gloves that were on earlier would've noticeably seem to radiant more turqoise color. The ability to manipulate electricty on this level is dramatically evolved, now the user would be able to generate reiatsu/electricity mixed bolts (like crossbow bolts) that upon impact pierce and jam victim's ability to control their reiatsu.

Third form: Final form of this fullbring transforms the second form into a solid outfit, as it becomes a gray armor covering his chest, arms, shoulders and feet. A white bodysuit would appear underneath the armor. In this final stage, the fullbring bring into it's arsenal every previous abilities that are noticeably leveled up, the user may now generate electricity from surrounding sources and discharge energy bolts at more sufficent numbers.


First form & Second;
Agility + 1
Taijutsu + 2
Strike Speed +1
Strike Power +1

Third form;
Agility + 2
Taijutsu + 2
Strike Speed +3
Strike power +3
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Re: Daiki Shakaku Custom Fullbring

PostPosted by Dazzer » Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:26 pm

I'll just approve this.
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