Release Mechanics

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Release Mechanics

PostPosted by Hishido » Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:31 pm

The following mechanics apply for First Release (i.e. Shikai)

    All first releases get 5 ability points to spend on their first release. These points are used to buy abilities for your shikai (at a cost of 2 points per ability) or they can be redistributed into passives.

    STARTING FIGURES get the following boosts, owing to the fact that they would have been present for a very long time and would have, theoretically mastered their initial releases:
    Figures: 20 Ability Points (Captain Commander Level)
    Sub-Figures: 15 Ability Points (Senior Captain Level)
    Minor Figures: 10 Ability Points (Captain Level)
    Fodder Figures: 5 Ability Points (Lt. Level)

    People may obtain an additional 5 ability points by doing a Shikai Mastery RP (25 Paragraphs once you reach Captain Level - to be logged by players themselves)

    The following passives do not get boosts from Ability Points:

    Reaction Time (and other race equivalents)
    Agility (and other race equivalents)
    Sword Technique (and other race equivalents)
    Race-Based Passives (and other race equivalents)

Full Release (i.e. Bankai)

    Full Release offers you 10 Ability Points, with which you can buy abilities at a cost of 4 ability points or to be redistributed into passives.

    There are no extra boosts on ability points for figures who obtain full release. However, ALL players can obtain 10 additional ability points by doing a Full Release Mastery RP (50 Paragraphs once the release is obtained - to be logged by players themselves).

    The passive exemption from First Release applies for Bankai as well.
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