Application templates for releases

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Application templates for releases

PostPosted by Masterspectra » Fri Jan 09, 2015 8:29 pm

Please note that there are two releases for all races. Respectively these would be Shikai and Bankai for Shinigami, Ressurection and Segunda Etapa for Arrancar and so forth.
When you submit an application for a release, it would be appreciated if you split the first and second release into two separate applications. Furthermore, when an application is accepted/denied, it'll be moved to the accepted/denied category.

Your first release is unlocked at around Roleplay level 10 to 15, while your Bankai is at 25. (This is subjected to change throughout the wipe.)

IC Name(Key):
IC Rank:
Roleplay level:
IC Age:

Development logs (Please use pastebin- Premade ranks and/or sub-ranks do not have to do these, however their releases will be nerfed stat-wise until a later point.):

Perk description (Include call and name of your release/Zanpakuto, if that is what you are aiming for!):

+1 taijutsu, strike speed and strike power
-1 reaction time, agility

First and second release respectively give you +5 and +10 points to spend on Passives.


First release:
+2 agility
+2 shunpo
+1 reaction time

Second release:
+3 agility
+3 shunpo
+2 reaction time

*Each ability attached to a release costs 2 passive points.
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