Fullbringer Guidelines

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Fullbringer Guidelines

PostPosted by Tensa » Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:09 am

Fullbringers have the same origin from the manga, being exposed to hollow reiki before being born. However, they do not have any sort of relation with substitute shinigami, instead, they are directly involved with the hollow. In order to awaken their powers they must come into contact with a hollow once more, they cannot awaken their fullbring on their own. In order to develop their powers they need more and more exposition to the hollow, embracing the origins of their powers, which is often something that they hate. This makes their reiatsu slightly different from other spiritual beings, but it is not the same as a hollow's, it is still indeniably human.

Xcution has very few ranks, the only ones being the elites and the leader. In order to become an elite one must be capable of using their first fullbring release and also have a fitting level of ideological preparation, which is done via instruction from the leader themself. Those that have these requirements will be picked based on affinity to the organization's ideals. Elites are expected to provide training and instruction in the leader's stead, as well as protect their fellow members, it is their responsibility to keep the regular memebers safe. Below elites, everyone else is equal and it is an organization that welcomes anyone who shares the same ideals, be they shinigami, quincy or fullbringer.
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