Hollow Rank Requirements

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Hollow Rank Requirements

PostPosted by SC3PTR3 » Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:11 pm

As Aizen Figure, its my job to put down requirements for all Hollow for them to become Arrancar. Below is a list of just the basics for anyone to become an Arrancar. Remember, this is the Arrancar we are talking about.


Basic Requirements

1) Anyone who wants to be an Arrancar has to ATLEAST be RP Rank Amateur. This means anywhere from RP Level 5 and above. This is to show if you are an active RPer or not.

2) You must have 5 or more passive points in a fighting style of your choice to become an Arrancar.

3) You must not have any Ban Strikes. If its due to something accidental or something being misunderstood, then I will reconsider.

These basics are just for you to be an Arrancar.


Advancement Requirements

1) For an Arrancar to become a Fraccion, you must have a 7 in their chosen Fighting Style, a 6 in both Reaction Time and Sonido with a 5 in a Race Passive.

2) For a Fraccion to become an Espada, you must have 10 Points in a fighting style of your choice with 7 in a Race Passive and a 6 in an Attack Speed Passive.

3) For an Espada to become an Espada Commander, you must have 30 Points in one Fighting Style plus a 7 in a Race Passive PLUS the prerequisites of Espada.


Race-Only Techniques

1) A Gillian-Level Arrancar only learns Bala when they are made an Arrancar.

2) An Adjuucha-Level Arrancar learns Bala when they are made Arrancar, but they can also learn Gran Rey Cero upon becoming Fraccion or higher.

3) A Vastolorde-Level Arrancar learns Bala and Gran Rey Cero upon becoming Arrancar, but they can learn Cero Oscuras upon becoming Espada or higher.

Say what you want about these requirements. They are not changing. They are there for a reason. This is to prevent EVERYONE from being Arrancar.
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