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Game Mechanics

PostPosted by Hishido » Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:06 pm

BOR Power Guide

    1 OOC tile = 8 feet (roughly 2.5 meters)
    Base Movement Speed: 2 OOC tiles
    Movement Passives (Shunpo, etc…) increase this by 1 OOC tile per passive level.
    If you use your high-speed movement technique (Shunpo, Sonido) you move at normal distance level – however, you will lose an RP turn if you use this to dodge/gain distance fast/ etc… GRANTED that your speed level is lower than another person’s reaction time. (Don’t argue about this – it was decided that an opponent’s reaction time needs to be high enough to manoeuvre their attack to actually be able to hit another person).
    NOTE: Strike Speed/Appropriate Projectile Speed Passive vs Reaction time for the person dodging with Shunpo plays in affect here. If their strike/projectile speed is higher than your reaction level, don’t even try to dodge with Shunpo because you WILL FAIL).

    RP Level now gives you +1 to this turn count.
    Base stamina: 3 turns fatigue, 4th turn unconscious
    First Release drains 2 turns for every turn you stay in it.
    Full Release drains 4 turns for every turn you stay in it.
    Mask users drain an extra turn while mask is active.

Fighting Technique (Sword/Bow/Taijutsu)
    + 1 in any fighting technique equals to -1 in opponent reaction time. HOWEVER, this deduction is offset by your opponent’s fighting technique.
      For example:
      Hishido has Sword Technique 8 and Reaction Time 10
      Spectra has Bow Precision/Sword Technique 4 and Reaction Time 10
      Thus, Spectra's reaction time against Hishido is -4, which means Spectra's Reaction Time vs Hishido = 6

    The amount of moves you can make per turn are determined by Sword Speed/Arrow Speed (i.e. technique speed) passive.

Projectiles (Kido/Bala/Cero/Gran Rey Cero)
    All projectiles will take a 1-2 turn preparation RP depending on its power. This can be offset with Eishohaki/Race perks, however.

    Reiatsu is calculated as your RP level. Every 5 RP levels you have over an opponent lowers their passive effectiveness against you by 1 point.
    Releases are calculated as 5 passive points for first release, 10 passive points for full release. These passive points can be redistributed towards your passives, or 2 passive points per unique technique for first release and 4 passive points per unique technique for full release. As such, the passive boosts by releases act as your increase in reiatsu.

    For every passive level over the pre-allotted 10 points in Fullbring level, you get an extra release point (to use for buying abilities, etc.)
    Battle Experience increases RPL by 1 point for every 2 points in this passive.
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