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These will be the rules that count throughout this wipe. They are subjected to change as the game progresses.

OOC Rules:
  • No spamming.
  • No metagaming.
  • No godmoding.
  • Use common sense- Some things aren't stated as rules, but if good old common sense tells you not to do it, then you probably shouldn't do it.
  • Don't use ingame verbs such as Cero and Bala.
  • Players aren't allowed to be OOC in an area without permission from all participants in the current scene- If someone joins ICly, you'll need their permission as well to continue watching.
  • If you die, you get a race change and 5 passive levels as a death reward. This death reward will only be granted ONCE.
  • Respect each other- We all have freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean you can't be respectful when sounding your dislikes.

IC Rules and Knowledge:
  • Refrain from needlessly killing people. You may be a villain, but that doesn't mean you have to kill every PC there is- Stick with killing NPCs and on rare occasions take a PC's life.
  • When you spawn, your character may have the basic knowledge regarding Soul Society, Shinigami, Quincies, Hollows, Souls and Hueco Mundo. Fullbringers are not publicly known.
  • Each race has a leader- If you are of that race, you are expected to listen and obey your leader, though you may choose not to, they are exceptionally powerful and so are their ranks.
  • You cannot completely hide your presence or power unless it has been approved as a special perk and/or ability. The weakest of all races can, however, make themselves look like ordinary human beings with spiritual sight- This of course does not apply to Hollows.
  • The Captain Commander is known as the most powerful warrior there is and should be feared as such.





*All administrators are allowed to create rules on-the-go should they deem it necessary and all other currently online administrators agree to said rule. This does not mean they are not subjected to punishment should they make an unreasonable rule up on the spot.*

Mechanics of fighting and passives:
• Movement
o 1 OOC tile = 8 feet (roughly 2.5 meters)
o Base Movement Speed: 2 OOC tiles
o Movement Passives (Shunpo, etc…) increase this by 1 OOC tile per passive level.
o If you use your high-speed movement technique (Shunpo, Sonido) you move at normal distance level – however, you will lose an RP turn if you use this to dodge/gain distance fast/ etc… GRANTED that your speed level is lower than another person’s reaction time. (Don’t argue about this – it was decided that an opponent’s reaction time needs to be high enough to manoeuvre their attack to actually be able to hit another person).
 NOTE: Strike Speed/Appropriate Projectile Speed Passive vs Reaction time for the person dodging with Shunpo plays in affect here. If their strike/projectile speed is higher than your reaction level, don’t even try to dodge with Shunpo because you WILL FAIL).
• Stamina
o RP Level now gives you +1 to this turn count.
o Base stamina: 3 turns fatigue, 4th turn unconscious
o First Release drains 2 turns for every turn you stay in it.
o Full Release drains 4 turns for every turn you stay in it.
o Mask users drain an extra turn while mask is active.
• Fighting Technique (Sword/Bow/Taijutsu)
o + 1 in any fighting technique equals to -1 in opponent reaction time. HOWEVER, this deduction is offset by your opponent’s fighting technique.
o This also gives you one move per RP for every level of this passive
• Projectiles (Kido/Bala/Cero/Gran Rey Cero)
o All projectiles will take a 1-2 turn preparation RP depending on its power. This can be offset with Eishohaki/Race perks, however.

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